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Daniel Hobley

New Update!: I've now completed my PhD at Edinburgh, and have moved on to the University of Virginia to work with Alan Howard on a variety of planetary-flavo(u)red geomorphologies. This website is thus now sadly out of date. You can find the bare bones of my new website here. You can contact me by email at dan((dot))hobley((at))virginia((dot))edu, though my previous edinburgh address will remain active for a while (I think).

Link to my UVa website


Welcome to my homepage! I am currently completing the corrections for my PhD under Dr. Hugh Sinclair, Dr. Patience Cowie and Dr. Tibor Dunai, working in the Global Change Research Group in the Grant Institute, University of Edinburgh.

The title of my PhD is "Dynamics of long term fluvial incision in glaciated catchments of the Ladakh Himalaya and their implications for sediment storage and release to sedimentary basins". I am investigating the effects of input of glacial debris and secularly highly variable meltwater flux on incising channel systems in highly arid conditions using a combination of GIS, fieldwork and modelling. See also our research group homepage.

My 1st paper is now, finally, out! you can find it here.

When I am not in the Grant Institute, I can probably be found playing double bass in one of Edinburgh University's fine musical ensembles, such as EUMS, or attached by a piece of rope to a wall of some kind, attempting to scale it.

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