School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences


Antoine Vernon, PhD student

D.E.A. Geosciences (2004), Universite de Rennes 1, France

Hello and welcome to my page, I am a PhD student working on the strong increase in exhumation occuring in the European Alps since the Mio-Pliocene boundary. This research combines the study of vertical profiles with low temperature thermochronometers (fission-track and U-Th/He), and the systematic analysis of an extensive apatite fission-track database covering the western Alps.

Supervisors: Dr. H.D. Sinclair & Dr. P.A. Cowie (Edinburgh), Dr. P.A. van der Beek (Grenoble), Dr. F.M. Stuart (SUERC)

My background includes Rb/Sr dating of granites from the Central Asian Orogenic Belt (Mongolia), Chlorine and Nitrogen isotopic measurements on Vulcano fumaroles (Italy), and having enjoyed geology in:

Atacama Desert Herbetet, 2004 Islande, 2002