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School of GeoSciences


Charlotte Chambers BSc Hons (Linc. NZ) MSc (Edin)

My PhD research is concerned with the circulation of knowledge in the context of giant clam/Pasua (Tridacna maxima) harvest in Tongareva (also known as Penrhyn) in the northern Cook Islands. My research is interdisciplinary examining material interactions with the marine environment as spatially defined practices involving and invoking multiple boundaries at different conceptual and physical levels.

My research is funded by an Overseas Research Council (ORS) award in conjunction with a School of GeoSciences Principals Scholarship. I am supervised by Dr Andrea Nightingale and Prof Jane Jacobs.

Photos from Tongareva can be found at the following links:


Relational Knowledge and Marine Conservation: The Case of the Pasua Rahui, Tongareva, Cook Islands.