School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Omair Z Chaudhry

BE (NUST), MSc (Edin), PhD (Edin)

Hi! Welcome to my website. I am research associate at Ordnance Survey (GB) working in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh. My research interests lie in automated mapping, spatial data modelling, spatial data mining, and spatial algorithms.

I did my first degree in computer software. I was always interested in exploring the power of information systems in other areas of science. My first job introduced me to Geographic Information systems. This interest led to a MSc in GIS. I worked on automated mapping for my master’s thesis. This research focused on automated transformation of spatial data between different levels of detail (scale). This work took me to a PhD on map generalisation. During my PhD I looked at modelling meaning and relationship of geographic phenomena at different levels of detail and how phenomena at one scale can be transformed into another scale automatically. My PhD was supervised by Dr. William A Mackaness and Dr. Nicholas R.J. Hulton.

I am currently working on a research project between Ordnance Survey and the University of Edinburgh. This project is exploring the feasibility of a customer driven map generalization system. More on this and other areas of research I am or was involved can be found under research.