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Welcome to my personal homepage. Here are a few details about me.

I am a highly motivated individual with a background in forestry and postgraduates studies in management and research experience in forest ecosystem modelling. My research interests include effect of climate change on forest expansion and production, effect of forest management on carbon balance, tree physiology and modelling of basic eco-physiological principals. I am hard working with a desire for learning new theories and technologies, understanding natural ecosystems and most particular natural unmanaged forest ecosystems, and developing an understanding about the implications of human actions on our natural resources. I am looking forward for a career in research to fulfil those desires and most important to expand my thinking and knowledge horizons. My personal target is "homo universalis", a man with general knowledge and opinion for all aspects of life and I believe only with experience through research and interaction with other scientists will help me to reach my targets. Moreover, I hope with reaching my personal targets to be able to transfer my knowledge to other people either by supporting management decisions or by educating new thinkers in both academic and non academic levels.

Present status:

At the present moment I am working for the Ecology Division of Forest Research at the Northern Research Station based in Edinburgh. I am a member of a large group of researchers working on a variety of projects. My contribution is on a project investigating the likely impact on species suitability by future Climate Change. I apply advanced spatial analyses techniques using ArcGIS for collecting and compile a knowledge base of species-soil associations, which will be used for future modelling scenarios.

Also I am completing my Ph.D. project at the University of Edinburgh on the subject of forest ecosystem modelling, investigating the effect of forest management on carbon balance of Scots pine plantations in Scotland using a modified spatial version of the process-based model 3-PG (3-PGN). The model uses spatial interpolated data created using geostatistical analysis while the resulting outputs were spatially analysed using ArcInfo workstation to identify eco-physiological factors effecting carbon sequestration and timber growth of Scots pine across Scotland. I also hold a Master of Science degree in Resource Management by the University of Edinburgh, with a qualification in forest management and speciality in the application of Geographic Information Systems in forest management. My master thesis involved the integration of growth yield models with Geographic Information Systems and application for sustainable forest management. Finally I have a degree in Forestry by the Technological Educational Institute of Kavala, Drama Annex, Greece. 

Research interests:

My present research interests include the physiology of uneven aged stands (especially for natural forests) and the affect of climate change and silvicultural treatements. Other research interests include: process-based modelling of forest production at any level, carbohydrate partitioning (allocation), effect on forest management and climate change on ecosystem carbon sequestration dynamics.