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Samuel Rice

Final year PhD student

The role of Late Cretaceous-Early Tertiary volcanic arc genesis in the tectonic assembly of the Tethyan suture zone, Pontides (N Turkey)


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  • Address: Grant Institute of Geology and Geophysics West Mains Road Edinburgh EH9 3JW
  • Office: 0131 6508505
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  • Education:

    • 1997-2000, BSc Geology 2:1 University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, West Midlands UK
    • PhD Thesis: The Late Cretaceous-Early Tertiary Tectonic Assembly of the Tethyan Suture Zone: Pontides, Northern Turkey. University of Edinburgh . Supervisor: Professor Alastair Robertson, Grant Institute of Earth Sciences, West Mains Road. Edinburgh, EH9 3JW

    Current research interests:

    I am currently interested in the relationships between mode of subduction and tectonic erosion/accretion. I am also interested in continental subduction, ophiolite emplacement and orogenesis. My current research uses stratigraphic and structural field mapping, sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic petrography, geochemical analysis (EMPA, XRF, XRD) and biostratigraphy to test alternative tectonic models of suture zone development, ophiolite formation and, volcanic arc emplacement in Northern Turkey associated with the Late Cretaceous subduction and closure of Tethys. This work has highlighted remarkable similarities in terms of these processes and timing of events along c. 600 km of the Eurasian active margin in the Late Cretaceous-Early Tertiary.

    Having established a single model for N Turkey I am now interested in making comparisons with other areas of the Alpine-Himalayan Belt in order to establish a larger-scale tectonic model for the Late Mesozoic-Early Tertiary Eurasian margin. This work would provide a significant contribution towards the problem of subduction initiation, continental growth, understanding the transition from “retreating accretionary” orogenesis to continental collision, and relating the formation and emplacement of ophiolites to models of orogenesis. International interest in these topics is currently facilitated by through the International Lithosphere Project (ILP) and the UNESCO International Geological Correlation Project (IGCP) 430 Tethys Consortium.

    Taking a short break from the problems of Tethyan geology

    Fellowships and scholarships:

    • 2004 The Edinburgh Campaign, small projects grant
    • 2001 NERC studentship award, non-thematic PhD


    • Elected Fellow of the Geological Society of London,
    • Member European Geosciences Union


    • Rice, S.P., Ustaömer, T. & Robertson, A.H.F., (in press) Late Cretaceous-Early Tertiary tectonic processes along the Eurasian active margin, Pontides, Turkey. In: Tectonics of the Eastern Mediterranean Region: Geological Society of London Special Publication.
    • Published Abstracts:

    • RICE, S.R., ROBERTSON, A.H.F. & USTAÖMER, T. 2004. Late Cretaceous-Early Tertiary tectonic processes in North Neotethys and the assembly of the Izmir-Akrara-Erzincan suture zone, N Turkey. 5th Int. Symp, Eastern Mediterranean Geology, Thessaloniki, Greece, 14-20th April 2004, 1, 172-174.
    • RICE, S.R., ROBERTSON, A.H.F. & USTAÖMER, T. 2003. Late Mesozoic-Early Tertiary sedimentation and tectonics along the Eurasian margin, Northern Turkey. European Geophysical Society, American Geophysical Union, European Union of Geosciences Joint Assembly, Nice, France, 6th-11th April 2003, abstract #3732.

    Special activities:

    • Attended: Tectonic Studies Group AGM, Liverpool, UK, January 2003.
    • Participant: 5th Int. Symp, Eastern Mediterranean Geology, Thessaloniki, Greece, 14-20th April 2004
    • Participant: EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly, Nice, France, 6th-11th April 2003,
    • Participant: British Sedimentology Research Group AGM, Norwich, UK, 18th-20th December 2002
    • Attended: 1st International Symposium of Istanbul Technical University the Faculty of Mines, 16th-18th May 2002
    • Participant: Workshop in Deterministic Basin and Charge Modelling, Plymouth, UK, 16th December 2001
    • Attended: Fourth International Turkish Geology Symposium, Adana, Turkey, 24-28 September 2001 and,
    • Field excursions to the Mersin Ophiolite and Pozantı-Ulukışla region Turkey, 2001

    Professional Experience:

    • 4 PhD fieldtrips to N & E Turkey 2001-2003 involving extensive liaison with government and military authorities.
    • Analytical techniques: EMP, XRF, XRD.
    • Fieldtrip demonstrator, Cyprus 2002, 2003, Arran 2003; lab demonstrator.
    • BSc independent field mapping in Ireland (8 weeks). GIS: Birmingham City Council.
    • Admin for London RIGS (Regionally Important Geological Sites): Work Experience University of Greenwich Department of Earth Sciences, 4th-8th July 1994;
    • Cartographic techniques at Exploration Mapping Services Ltd., 24th-28th October 1992.
    • Foreign languages:

    • Turkish (basic conversational and reading skills).
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