School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences


Jade Dickinson

Welcome to my home page! I am currently an MSc student in the Grant Institute. 

The title of my MSc is "Effect of Rainfall on the Seismic Response of Near-Surface Layers"

Site response is a measure of the grounds reaction to earthquake waves. I am trying to determine if the site response is affected by the amount of water in the near surface layers of rock and soil.

To consider this we look at micro-tremors which are low amplification waves caused by human or natural noise. We look at these by taking measurements in Potenza, Southern Italy and the West of Scotland and also by setting up experiments in the lab using boxes of sand.


We then try to find a mathematical relation  between these waves and the amount of water in the ground. This relation is useful to study because it can help us to understand more about the way the ground reacts to earthquakes.


This project is supervised by Prof. Ian Main (Geosciences), Prof. Mike Forde (Civil Eng.) and Prof. Marco Mucciarelli (Uni. Basilicata).

Potenza, September 2004