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Rob Wilson's
Personal Home Page

Edinburgh University: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (GeoSciences)
Columbia University: Adjunct Research Fellow (Tree-Ring Laboratory)



E-mail: rob.wilson@ed.ac.uk


Grant Institute, Room 209

Tel: +44 131 650 8524

My Research
I am a palaeoclimatologist with special emphasis on dendrochronological methods.

Over the last few years, I have also
collaborated with Sandy Tudhope using coral records to study past climate.
My particular interest is the reconstruction and understanding of past climate for the last 1500 years.

I am currently funded through the European Union on a project entitled, "Millennium - European Climate of the last Millennium. The Millennium project is a multidisciplinary consortium of more than 40 European universities and research Institutes, with the aim of answering a single question:

Does the magnitude and rate of 20th Century climate change exceed the natural variability of European climate over the last millennium?

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