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Matthew Schwartz

Omani grand canyon

Postodctoral Research Fellow

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PLEASE NOTE: Matthew Schwartz is now working as the Assistant Professor of Hydrogeology at University of West Florida (USA)

I am currently working as a postdoctoral research fellow on a project that is investigating the biogeochemistry of the oxygen minimum zone (OMZ) in the Arabian Sea. A series of four cruises were conducted in 2003; during two of these cruises (March-May and September-October), we conducted a series of shipboard incubations of sediment cores and overlying water. These incubations replicated in situ incubations and included separate incubations to assess benthic trace metal and nutrient fluxes, oxygen consumption, and carbon cycling via injection of C-labelled algae. The incubation rig and the experimental results are the subject of several manuscripts in preparation.

My main research interests are related to the investigation of sediment-water interactions, particularly the geochemical and biogeochemical effects of benthic fluxes. While competing my PhD at the University of Delaware (USA), I used naturally-occurring excess radon to identify and quantify submarine groundwater discharge into the Delaware River and Bay Estuary (Schwartz, 2003). I am also interested in using naturally-occurring stable and radioactive isotopes to assess geochemical and biogeochemical processes in aquatic environments. Matt Schwartz

While an NSF-AIRE fellow in Geology at Colby College, I developed and taught several undergraduate courses. I continue to have a strong interest in teaching at both the undergraduate and (post)graduate levels. A primary focus of my professional career will be the integration of research and teaching activities so that students can participate in externally-funded research while lectures and laboratories make use of local research efforts.

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Professional Experience

  • September 2002-present. Postdoctoral research fellow
    University of Edinburgh School of Geosciences. Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)
  • August 2001-August 2002. NSF-AIRE teaching fellow
    Colby College Department of Geology. Waterville, Maine (USA)
  • August 1996-August 2001. PhD Student, EPA STAR fellow
    University of Delaware College of Marine Studies. Lewes, Delaware (USA)
  • June 1993-July 1996. Staff Geologist/Hydrogeologist
    Brown and Root Environmental. Tallahassee, Florida, and Oak Ridge, Tennessee (USA)
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Research Interests

  • Isotope Geochemistry
  • Sediment-water Interactions
  • Submarine Groundwater Discharge
  • Aquatic Biogeochemistry
  • Nitrogen Cycling in Estuarine and Marine Systems

Teaching Interests

  • Oceanography
  • Geochemistry/Isotope Geochemistry
  • Aquatic Biogeochemistry
  • Environmental Geology


  • PhD (Marine Studies-Oceanography), 2001.
    University of Delaware, College of Marine Studies. Lewes, Delaware (USA).
  • BS (Geology), 1993.
    College of William and Mary. Williamsburg, Virginia (USA).