School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Gijs Straathof

Marie Curie Fellow Early Stage Researcher

School of GeoSciences
Grant Institute

I'm a PhD student within the Earth and Planetary Science research group. My research is about the glacial events during the Neoproterozoic, well known as Snowball Earth. In order to better understand and constrain these periods of extreme climate conditions I will combine palaeomagnetism with chemostratigraphy, sedimentology and radiometric dating.

This will provide more clues to the distribution and movement of continent at these periods and it will help us to better understand the environmental setting of the deposits that are associated with the snowball periods. Also, palaeomagnetism is a strong tool to constrain the depositional latitude of a rock which will give us the opportunity to test the equatorial origin of glacial deposits. The research will focus on central and western African cratons which include famous deposits that are associated with a snowball event.

This project is led by Dr. Jenny Tait who is also my principal supervisor. I also receive supervision from Prof. Wyn Williams (University of Edinburgh), Dr. Udo Zimmermann (University of Stavanger, Norway) and Prof. Tony Fallick (SUERC).

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