School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Dr Cliff Ford

All of this information is completely out of date. Do not rely on any of it!

Hello Folks! I was a Senior Lecturer in Geology until I retired in the summer of 2003. I still maintain links with the School of GeoSciences, being in daily touch via email and the web site, and dropping in to see friends and colleagues once in a while.

[Animation of Gondwana from 200Ma to 0Ma]

Software Projects

I am the main developer for the School of GeoSciences web site and help with several others. I am also the sole developer of Timetab, widely used across the University to help students with course selection. I do Python applications too - the graphic is from GLG-Plates.

[Picture of Siccar Point]

Academic Role

My research interests were in High Pressure and Temperature Experiments on Rocks and Minerals and The Use of Software in Education, for which I won a National Award. At various times I served as a Director of Studies, Course Organiser and Associate Dean. My courses included Geological Map Interpretation, Thermodynamics, Information Technology and Fieldwork.

[Picture of Dr Cliff Ford]


After a daily squint at the paper, dispatch of the crosswords and Sudoku puzzles, and a brief foray into the garden I spend most of my time on some aspect of computing. If the weather is good I may take a country walk. I have a wide range of other interests: reading, cinema, TV, sport, genealogy, motoring, ...