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Cory Davis

Hi. Here is a link to my existing Meteorology department web page: I will slowly move stuff to this site; in the meantime here are some of my recent presentations, articles, and some pictures with pretty colours.

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Work in Progress


  • I am helping to develop ARTS (Atmospheric Radiative Transfer Simulator). Much of this web page is dedicated to the use of ARTS. ARTS is freely available from
  • I am also developing PyARTS, which is a package of Python modules for the creation of atmospheric scenarios, calculation of single scattering properties for, and the execution of, ARTS runs. PyARTS is available by anonymous cvs from the ARTS website above. Alternatively, a recent version is available at

Curriculum Vitae (including publications)

Pictures with Pretty Colours

ARTS-MC simulations and AMSU-B observations A demonstration of the ARTS-MC's current capabilities is shown above. The first row of plots shows ARTS-MC (MCGeneral) simulations of AMSU-B channels 16 to 20, using MetOffice Mesoscale model output for the atmospheric fields. The grid dimensions are 220(lat.)x180(lon.)x60(pressure). These simulations were performed with a MCI std. err. of 1K, and each simulation, one for each pixel, took between 10 and 30 seconds. The second row of the plot shows the actual AMSU-B observations the same time and location. There is general qualitative agreement between the main cloud features of the simulations and observations. Differences arise due to simplifications in the treatment of surface emissivity, and also errors due to the treatment of cloud microphysics. These simulations illustrate the capability of ARTS-MC to perform timely detailed simulations of mm/sub-mm observations for detailed cloudy scenarios.