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School of GeoSciences


Dr. Anne-Sophie Meriaux, Research Fellow

I am a Research Fellow in the School of GeoSciences, working with Tibor Dunai. My current research aims at a better establishment of cosmogenic nuclides production rates (3He, 21Ne and 36Cl) in basalts and their phenocryst phases. This work is part of the natural calibration network of CRONUS-EU.

Research interests

  • Active tectonics, quantitative tectonic, geomorphology and Quaternary geology
  • Seismic hazards
  • Determination of long-term slip-rates on active continental faults,
    using cosmogenic isotope dating (14C,10Be and 26Al)
  • Calibration of cosmogenic nuclides production rates (CRONUS-Eu)

Current Research

  • Natural calibration sites for cosmogenic nuclides (Ascension island, Payun Matru)

Active Projects

  • Denali fault (Alaska)
  • San Andreas fault (Southern California)
  • San Jacinto fault (Southern California)
  • Altyn Tagh fault (Northern Tibet)


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