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School of GeoSciences



A. Anthony Bloom

Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Terrestrial Carbon Cycling

Research Focus

There are currently big unknowns in the global carbon budget terms and their response to a changing climate. The focus of my work is to understand the global-scale controls on biogenic CO2 and CH4 fluxes. In my current research position, I combine a simple model representation of ecosystem carbon dynamics with a multitude of data-streams, including satellite, eddy-covariance flux-tower and plant trait data in order to decipher the dynamics of the terrestrial carbon cycle.

Research Interest

  • Satellite-based estimates of the key global carbon cycle fluxes
  • Using model-data-fusion approaches to constrain ecosystem carbon dynamics
  • Global CH4 production variability in wetlands and rice paddies
  • The role of biomass burning in the global carbon budget dynamics


Bloom, A. A., Palmer, P. I., Fraser, A., and Reay, D. S.: Seasonal variability of tropical wetland CH4 emissions: the role of the methanogen-available carbon pool, Biogeosciences, 9, 2821-2830, doi:10.5194/bg-9-2821-2012, 2012.

Bloom A.A., Lee-Taylor J., Sasha Madronich, Messenger D.J.,Palmer P.I.,Reay D.S., McLeod A.R., Global methane emission estimates from ultraviolet irradiation of terrestrial plant foliage. New Phytologist, doi: 10.1111/j.1469-8137.2010.03259.x, 2010.

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Brooks et al. (including A. Anthony Bloom) Physical Exchanges at the Air–Sea Interface: UK–SOLAS Field Measurements. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 2009 90:5, 629-644, 2009.

Bloom, A. A., Hill, T. C., Ryan, C. M., Mitchard, E. T. A., Woollen, E., Williams., M.: Consistency of recent satellite-based above-ground biomass estimates: a test case in an African woodland, 2013 (in review)

Hill, T. C., Williams M., Bloom, A. A., Mitchard, E., and Ryan, C.: Are inventory based and remotely sensed above-ground biomass estimates consistent? 2013 (in press)


2007-2011: PhD, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK. Satellite based estimates of biogenic CH4 emissions.

2006-2007: MRes Physics of The Earth and Atmosphere - University of Leeds, Leeds, UK Research Project: Analysing and Modelling Air-Sea CO2 Fluxes in the North Atlantic

2002-2006: MSci Earth and Space Science: UCL, London, UK. Research Project: Spatiospectral Analysis of the Earth's Gravity Field using Multitaper Techniques