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51 localities across the country have been chosen by a panel of expert volunteers as the Best Places where people can see, enjoy and engage with Scotland’s incredible geology.
51 Best Places to See Scotland's Geology
Satellite images have helped scientists shed light on melting from the underside of Antarctica’s ice shelves.
N Gourmelen - Ice Shelf Appears Flat

Natural deposits of helium gas – best known for its use in party balloons – could help aid the safe production of shale or coal gas, research suggests.

GeoSciences PhD student Rory McKavney collecting samples as part of this study

Dr Heike Langenberg, Chief Editor of Nature Geoscience, visited the School and gave a short talk to an enthusiastic audience.  Staff and students were given the unique opportunity to question the Nature Geoscience Chief Editor on a number of topics such as publishing in Nature, open access, data management, peer reviewing.

Heike Langenberg, Nature Geoscience Chief Editor

A new method that inexpensively monitors the safe storage of industrial greenhouse gas emissions is to be used by a leading research project.

S Flude and S Gilfillan

The Scottish and UK oil industries are entering their final decade of production, research suggests.

Over the summer weeks, GeoSciences scientists sailed off for the Arctic Ocean as part of a £10 million research programme to investigate how the region is changing.  Now back on terra firma, we catch up with ship blogger Celeste Kellock.
Polar Bear - Photo Credit: Helen, Benthic Transect - Photo Credit: Celeste, RRS James Clark Ross Scientific Team - Photo Credit: Celeste

TEDx are organizing their first salon event of the year on the 20th of September, at the National Gallery of Scotland. Unravelling Earth will be an exciting evening with topics ranging from Dinosaurs to your own neighbourhood, featuring talks from GeoSciences staff.

TEDx Salon: Unravelling Earth
Professor Anton Ziolkowski has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.
Royal Academy of Engineering
In an article in leading outreach journal Scientia, Edinburgh and Northumbria University glaciologists consider the stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet during previous interglacial periods.
Sugden et al Scientia July 2017