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Postgraduate Opportunities in Human Geography

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Just Geographies
Our research builds upon human geography’s long-standing concern with the production and consequences of inequality and uneven development. This agenda is pursued through theoretically-informed and politically-engaged research. We have analytical concerns with housing, health and well-being, environment, class and gender. Our work has developed novel qualitative and quantitative approaches to identifying and understanding social and environmental justice concerns. We prioritise transformative and participatory approaches to understanding the spread of injustice at a variety of spatial scales, guided by a critical imagination.

Materialising Geographies
Our scholarship examines the relationship between materiality, technology and geography. Through this scholarship we contribute to understanding: the production, circulation and reception of geographical knowledges; the intellectual and political purposes served by geography’s material forms; and the role of artefacts and technologies in everyday geographies. We conduct this research in both an historical and contemporary frame.

Nature's Geographies
Our research focuses on interactions between nature and society, environment and culture. Multiple perspectives are brought to bear on experiences of environments and the kinds of issues and conflicts that play out in diverse natural and semi-natural places. We are interested in how environments are valued, and the ways in which people’s embodied, creative and sensory engagements both shape and are shaped by natural spaces. Our work also engages with the politics of environments and the reflexive ways in which political economies, societies and cultures are produced by and co-productive of natures and environments.

Lived Geographies
Our research is concerned with how social, economic, political and cultural processes emerge from, and shape people’s daily lives at home, work and in public. These concerns have led us to become involved with studies of living conditions in houses, high-rises and suburban neighbourhoods, making a living, as manifest in work and occupations, as well as everyday mobilities. We also attend to individual and collective identity formation, through scholarship on national, transnational and postcolonial identity politics. These foci are pursued through inquiries that are variously multi-scalar, interactional and experiential.


There are seventeen staff members of the Human Geography Research Group, with wide ranging principal areas of research interest, more->


The research group has a number of existing potential topics for postgraduate research, more ->


Postgraduate degrees offered are:

  • PhD / MPhil (part-time and full-time).

  • MSc by Research (Human Geography) - core and optional elements and research-led dissertation.

  • MSc in Environment, Culture and Society - core and optional elements with an individual dissertation / research project

  • MSc by Research (GIS and Society) - a one-year research degree developing research and practical skills and providing students with a critical awareness of the societal implications of GIS.

  • MSc in GIS - a one-year taught Masters programme marrying geographic information theory with the development of practical skills.

  • MSc GIS by Research - a one-year research degree mixing core and optional elements and a research-led dissertation.


    Application guidelines can be found here. We invite potential postgraduates who are keen to pursue a research degree in the themes covered by the Group, or to develop a related proposal, to get in touch. There are funded places for:

    • MSc by Research (Human Geography) - ESRC recognised
    • MSc by Research (GIS & Society) - ESRC recognised
    • PhD (1+3, +3 models) - ESRC recognised

    In expressing your interests and in developing your research proposal, you are invited to contact the relevant member of staff in the first instance and, for further information and a Postgraduate Application Form for the University of Edinburgh, please visit the website or contact Postgraduate Secretary, Geography, The University of Edinburgh, Drummond Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9XP (Tel No: 0131 650 2543; Postgraduate Secretary).

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