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Carbon Capture and Storage Conference / UKCCSC Biannual Meeting
1-2 September 2011, Heriot-Watt University Conference Centre

This flagship conference, jointly hosted by the UKCCSC and IPA, brought together leading industrialists, the academic community and other stakeholders to look at where the UK must go in the next decade to successfully deploy commercial scale CCS.

Industry and Academic experts presented papers on the following topics:
  • Economics
  • CO2 Capture
  • CO2 Storage
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • CO2 Transport
  • Public Perception
  • Policy & Governance

The conference built on the success of previous UKCCSC events and the last 2 IPA CCS conferences. It allowed for shared understanding with those working in the Carbon Capture and Storage sector (CCS) on the economics of CCS, the technical issues of transport and measurement of CO2 and the challenges facing the long term integrity of storing carbon offshore.

The following presentations were given at the conference:

David Rennie, CCS - Scotland's Economic Potential

Jacqui Williams and Chris Franklin, CCS Research in the UK

Mike Farley, CCSA Strategy for CCS

Xi Liang, Financial Implications of Electricity Market Reform on CO2 Natural Gas

Nils Markusson, Analysing Uncertainties for CCS through Historical Analogues

Gordon McCreath, Legal Framework for Commercial Development of CCS

Matthew Hunt, Meeting the Challenge of CCS Deployment

Jeremy Carey, CCS Deployment in SSE: Peterhead and Beyond

Mike Claydon, Hunterston Clean Coal Power Plant with CCS: Opportunities and Challenges

Stuart Haszeldine, Assessing the Potential Storage Capacity for CO2

John McCurry, Carbon Storage - Addressing Key Issues

Maxine Akhurst, Spoilt for Choice - Steps Towards a Scottish Offshore Carbon Storage Industry

Eric Mackay, CO2 Storage Calculations in the UK Continental Shelf

Alison Monaghan, Screening of Saline Aquifers for CO2 Storage in the Moray Firth and CNS ahead of a CASSEM2 Project

Matthew Billson, Opening Address

Alex Kemp, Economics of CO2 EOR Cluster in the Central North Sea - the Offshore Perspective

Neil Smith, Industrial Use of CO2 - Including EOR

Tom Davison, Current State of the CO2 EOR Industry in the US

Norman Glen, Measurement Challenges for CCS

Julia Race, Materials Issues for CO2 Pipeline Transportation of CO2


Listing of all posters here
Maria-Chiara Ferrari, Optimisation and Integration of Membrane Processes in Coal Fired Power Plants with CCS

Enzo Mangano, Screening Novel CO2 Adsorbents in the UK IGSCC Project

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