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Warwick Specialist Meeting, March 2012

Mathematical modelling and simulation play a crucial role in proof of concept, feasibility study, reliability and performance analysis for new design and development to be cost effective and robust. This is especially important in power generation industry, where we are limited in experiments with the real object (power plant). Modelling can potentially support decisions at a range of business levels, from strategic planning, component and process design through to plant and system implementation, operation and maintenance.

This workshop aimed to achieve the following objectives:

  • to exchange the information of modelling and simulation techniques and the progress of research in this area;
  • to create a meeting platform for researchers in this area to get together;
  • to get a better picture for who does what in this research area;
  • to update the software package and computer language available for modelling and simulation;
  • to explore the opportunity for more unified software package in the future to achieve exchangeable modelling and simulation blocks;
  • to get better ideas for what the industrial needs are.

During the workshop experts from academic institutes and industry presented their recent work in power plant and CCS process modelling. Demonstrations and panel discussions were scheduled to demonstrate the simulation work and software package used and to discuss potential collaboration and future grant applications.

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